Installing & Setting Up ASP.NET Core Development Environment


In this article, we’ll discuss, how to set up ASP.NET Core Environment and what are the tools and software that will be needed throughout the project. Please, read our previous article before proceeding to this article where we understand the Introduction to ASP.NET Core.


1. Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code IDE

2. .NET Core SDK (Software Development Kit)

3. SQL Server database

Setting Up Environment

1. visual Studio

The first thing when we are doing any coding is an IDE for our projects. We will be using us to deal with visual studio 2017 or you can go with the more recent which is with your visual studio 2019. if You want to download the Community Edition which is free. so you can just download this and start coding.

The installation is fairly straightforward so I will not show you that but you can get it from Visual Studio to

visual studio download

So, you can use any edition of Visual Studio 2017. If you want to personal use for practice then install Visual Studio Community Edition which is free. You can read the license terms from

2. Installing .NET Core SDK

The latest version of .NET Core SDK and it can be downloaded from the following site.

.NET Core SDK download

If you installed the .NET Core SDK, after that there is no need to install .NET Core Runtime separately. Because the .NET Core Runtime contains the resources or libraries. which are requires to run existing .NET applications.

After the installation, You can also check the version installed from the command line using the following command.

>donet –version

3. SQL Server database

The next tool will need to be for the database and that will be for the SQL server.

If you want to download the SQL server where 2017. it will bring you right to this page and you can download the free version right here.

SQL Server database

We have a developer version. You can download it and the installation again is next and fairly straightforward. So, these are both the tools that we’ll be needing.

So, take a positive step and make sure both the tools are installed on your machine.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you will understand how to do Installing & Setting Up ASP.NET Core Development Environment. We’ll get into more details about this when we’ll learn the Dotnet CLI Command line tool for ASP.NET Core in the next article.

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