Why Go language is popular for the Web Development

Why Go language is popular for the Web Development

In this article, we’ll discuss about Go programming language and why choose the Go programming language for web development. Go is really cool. it’s actually one of the few languages that’s not built on top of the C programming language. so, languages like Python, C-sharp, Java, JavaScript. they’re all C based languages written on top of C. so, with go though it’s actually a completely different language.

It was developed by Google and it was actually created well one of the creators are several creators. but, one of the major creators was the guy named Ken Thompson who was on the original creator of the C programming language. along with Dennis Ritchie over here on the right, but Ken Thompson’s like a hardcore hacker.

Few of the following notable feature that differentiates Go are:-

  1. Fast, safe and easy to work with.
  2. Super-sonic compilation speed.
  3. Amazing Concurrency programs simultaneously.
  4. Garbage Collected.
  5. ORM Library.
  6. Goroutines to the rescue.
  7. Codes are easy to maintain in Go

So, what need a programming language to be nowadays, computers have multi-core processors. they have a lot of processors back in the days of you know even c-sharp or Python or Perl a lot of those web languages were built around the entire premise. that you have one core and you didn’t, so it really wasn’t made for parallel processing or concurrency.

If we look at the Python, it offers parallel programming, c-sharp offers parallel programming. so, a lot of languages have parallel programming built into it. but it becomes a real pain in the programming when you have multiple processors or processes that could be running simultaneously in parallel to each other and they could be reliant upon each other.

The Google goes specifically concurrency has built into its core. so, it takes advantage of all the cores you have available using what they call channels or go channels. and it works out of the box and the language was specifically built for that. so, it’s perfect for any sort of high load like server-type systems.

The C++ libraries over at Google and they’re actually converting them over to Go base code. and the reason why they chose Go is very verbose. so, to do simple commands and go you typically have to type in a lot more than you would be using something like Python or even an object-oriented language like C-sharp, python object-oriented.

The Go is very rich with the number of libraries that it has built into it. so, it has libraries for like HTTP Json and regular
expressions, opening files, reading and writing to output.

It has built-in Unicode support. so, that’s actually something that is you know it’s always been a little bit of a headache having to deal with Unicode. especially if compared to Python.

So, we getting back into the web programming game and It was looking around which language want to use for server-side programming. And you know the marketplace was kind of like PHP, he could do old school and that’s not very performant. so, he could do old school PHP. which would have been a great choice in but this was and then the newer choices were like Ruby. the Ruby would have been a great choice because it first came out like kind of a very interesting quick development.

So, there was also Python and NodeJs. And then there’s also NodeJs which like the big selling point. in NodeJS you get to do javascript on the front end and the back end And that’s a good benefit.

Google started creating the Go programming language and they started to create it because they wanted to take advantage of multiple cores. so first dual-core released Google starts creating a new language to take advantage of multiple cores and before that every other language in the marketplace that had any viability or had any sort of user base.

All of those languages are written to take advantage of a single core. And so, go is the first visible like language was written to easily take advantage of multiple cores to run and distribute environments on multiple machines with multiple cores and easily take advantage of that. It’s statically typed its garbage compiled it has fast build times and super-fast executions with it have ease of programming.

Go is a dynamical language But it had the benefits of being a compiled language with static type checking And so you know that all sounded great.

Thanks for the reading article. I hope you get started an application using Go language.

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